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Our Story

About FIN

Our Story

Inspired by the methodology applied in the electronic manufacturing industry, Blue Ocean Aquaculture Technology (BOAT) has successfully developed a third method of farming food fish in large scale - Factory Based Indoor Farming System. This methodology provides an alternative to counter ocean pollution and plankton bloom problems faced by Sea Cage Systems and also an alternative to land availability issues faced by the Land Based Pond Farming Systems.

It took our team 5 years to carry out theory backed experiments to develop a sustainable, responsible and repeatable farming system suitable for our land scarce, urban city, Singapore. In early 2018, we consolidated our experiences, engineering knowledge and factory based production system and set up Singapore’s first indoor aquaculture farm in a flated warehouse at the western side of Singapore, Tuas.

We’ve named the products from our indoor aquaculture farm "FIN" – Farmed Indoor with Nano-oxygen. It is our goal for FIN to provide fresh, convenient and delicious seafood directly onto consumers’ tables.



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Our Story
Our Team

Our tightly knited team consists of experienced members from different industries. They are:

Mr. YS Ng. Managing Director. The founder of the company with a background in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He has set up a high-tech electronic manufacturing company.  

Miss Mei Hoe Chun. Purchasing Manager. Vast experience in Purchasing, Human Resource and Quality management.

Dr. Ryuji Inai. Consultant in Nano Technology. Director of Tanaka Sanjiro Co. with a PhD from the National University of Singapore.

Mr. Hobson Ng. Business Advisor. Chief Executive Officer of PCA Technology Limited.

Mr. KK Phang. Business Advisor. Senior Vice President of PCA Technology Limited.

Our Team